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Me & My Mohini Attam

Kanak Rele

Kanak Rele today stands at the pinnacle of the classical dance hierarchy of India. She is unanimously feted as the unmatched exponent of Mohini Attam, which she rehabilitated and installed as a classical dance style. She is also honoured as a research scholar, educationist and above all the creator of the famous dance institute Nalanda Dance Research Centre and the college Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya.

She has been honoured by the President of India with the PADMA BHUSHAN and the highest recognition as an artiste par-excellence by the Sangeet Natak Fellowship - AKADEMI RATNA

Me & My Mohini Attam is a most readable book. The book provides a captivating, indeed enchanting account of Kanak Ji’s life journey, written in a lucid manner and illustrated with photographs. The book presents a heart-rending story. - Dr. Narendra Jadhav.

I compliment Kanak Ji for her great contribution to the world of dance and now for this lovely gem she has so graciously created for all of us her ardent readers. - Hema Malini


ISBN 978-81-88909-19-6

Hardbound - 650.00