Dorothy L Sayers

Kishore had a romantic marriage till he had a stupidly unnecessary affair and his wife walked in on them. After a messy divorce Kishore finds his life crashing around him, his office gives him a voluntary retirement as he had become 'unproductive'. His friends leave him preferring to support his wronged wife and his parents try to patch things up but fail.

Gradually all the company Kishore has in his big flat were bottles of alcohol and packets of cigarettes. Even his parents stayed away and the domestic staff stopped coming as he never opened the door to them. The building guards are the only people who see Kishore as he took late night walks, alone. They warn him, 'Sahib, avoid the park in your walks, it is a dangerous place.'

Kishore stays up nights as he just can't sleep. Night after night Kishore takes lonely walks hoping for sleep. It does work, initially. Then one night he catches sight of a woman who must be singularly beautiful because she walked with unparalleled grace. Things changed after that. Instead of walking to get sleep, Kishore walked just to see the mesmerizing woman in the distance. But every time they approached the park she seemed to disappear. He sees her again and again but no matter how fast he walked he could never overtake her, she literally glides away through the deserted streets and into the park. Once or twice Kishore thought she smiled at him, but she disappeared into the park, no sooner had he tried to stop her.

He had tried to follow her into the park. But the disrepute of the park, the fearful rumours of what happens after dark in the park, kept him from going further into the park. Then one night she entered the park, but at the entrance she turned to face him. Kishore's breath caught. She was every bit as beautiful as he had imagined. She held out a hand and whispered 'come to me.' Kishore ran after her and entered the park.

The next day the police found his dead body at the foot of an ancient tree, crumpled into the roots, his neck broken.

- - -