INDIGO - Chapter 5

Paul Teake

Indigo is the serialized novel by Paul Teake.

This is the Fifth Chapter.

Rain in my heart

Anjana Basu

It was in the days when Vrish was still in his dilemma - 'to be or not to be my boyfriend'. I had stopped believing he’d ever snap out of it. Besides, he had set a policy of 'you go out and I go out' since we were in different countries. He used to say he was being considerate. I was sure that meant he was planning to date girls from his campus in the States.

A Lover Truly Loved

Dorothy Sawyer

Priya is a journalist. She is sent to cover an art exhibition that everyone is speaking of. She meets the artist.

A Dog’s Life

Anjana Basu

Anjana is a well known author of several books and short stories. Of late she has been writing books for young adults. However her style is distinctly of Bengali flavor.


Rabindranath Tagore

Translated By: Dr. Dhruba Kumar Dutt

The translator was a great admirer of Tagore, particularly the children’s stories. In the last days of his life Dr. Dutt had great pleasure in translating Tagore’s short stories and of course the children’s stories. This is one of the stories.