A Lover Truly Loved

Subhasish Halder

Priya is a journalist. She is sent to cover an art exhibition that everyone is speaking of. She meets the artist. A whirlwind affair follows and then he disappeared. No one knew why or where. Then one day Priya gets a call from him. It was the artist telling her that he was forced to disappear as the people who loaned him money to repair his house were after him, demanding he sells the property to them. He asks Priya not to tell anyone and to visit him late at night. Excited Priya visits him.

The house is as dilapidated as before. The difference is that not a single light is on. Priya finds her lover in his studio, but the room is dark and he a shadowy figure. Priya pleads with him to come close and take her hands as it is too dark to make her way to him. He does. A cold hand clasps her own. Priya sees that she is being held by a skeleton. The last thing she hears before losing consciousness is he whispering 'they killed me …vengeance…wreak vengeance, Priya!'

- - -